Desk Setup Ideas

Johannes usually watches videos on YouTube and play video games on his desk setup. Johannes goal for this desk setup was to make it look good and unique despite the challenge of having a limited space.
Joad works as a freelance 3D artist. He wanted a clean workspace where he can work and write notes. He also plays video games on his PC and PS4, so having controllers plugged in and ready to go was important for him. The most challenging for Joad was cable management because he had a lot of power…
Redditor Dyverz usually watches videos, study, and play video games on his desk setup. Dyverz's goal for his desk setup was to create a place for him where he could focus, so he went for white clean desk setup. The most challenging part for Dyverz was trying to find the right pieces for his desk…
Redditor FedPa's minimal desk setup is mainly for study, playing video games and productivity. With cable management and wireless accessories, it made FedPa's desk setup looked very clean.
Redditor Mr. Squiadward works from home, so he mainly uses his desk setup for work and sometimes plays video games. His goal was to have a cozy and modern desk setup that is clean and has the least amount of visible wires as possible.
Paolo uses his custom-built desk setup day to day for video editing and occasional gaming.