Desk Setup Ideas

Jezen is a software developer. Most of the time, he is doing work in his minimal work desk setup. Jezen wanted to have a desk setup that is clean minimal and with plenty of natural light.
Seth is currently getting his masters in education and at the same time a football coach. He usually does everything on his desk such as school work, watching football films, plays video games, doing illustration and design work, and listening to recorded podcasts. Seth's goal was to have an…
Matt is a full-time videographer and filmmaker, so he primarily uses desk setup rig for video editing, color-grading, and audio production.  When Matt is not working, he uses his desk setup for VR gaming.  
Toby's office is mostly for coding and content creation. It's more of productive space, that's why he tried to go for a minimal look and practical. When he has free time, he would be doing a bit of gaming. However, he rarely has time for gaming recently.
Denna's desk setup is mainly for casual gaming and university work.  Denna's main goal for her desk setup is to make it last at least up to 5 years before doing any change or upgrade. Right now, Denna is satisfied with her desk setup.
Julio desk setup is mainly for playing and streaming games, and work. Julio's goal for his streaming and work desk setup was to make it compact and functional. He eventually settled on a Black/White/Grey theme. Since Julio and his girlfriend live in a 399 sq ft tiny home, he had to be very…