Category: Study

Johannes usually watches videos on YouTube and play video games on his desk setup. Johannes goal for this desk setup was to make it look good and unique despite the challenge of having a limited space.
Redditor Dyverz usually watches videos, study, and play video games on his desk setup. Dyverz's goal for his desk setup was to create a place for him where he could focus, so he went for white clean desk setup. The most challenging part for Dyverz was trying to find the right pieces for his desk…
Redditor FedPa's minimal desk setup is mainly for study, playing video games and productivity. With cable management and wireless accessories, it made FedPa's desk setup looked very clean.
Seth is currently getting his masters in education and at the same time a football coach. He usually does everything on his desk such as school work, watching football films, plays video games, doing illustration and design work, and listening to recorded podcasts. Seth's goal was to have an…
Matt is a full-time videographer and filmmaker, so he primarily uses desk setup rig for video editing, color-grading, and audio production.  When Matt is not working, he uses his desk setup for VR gaming.  
Toby's office is mostly for coding and content creation. It's more of productive space, that's why he tried to go for a minimal look and practical. When he has free time, he would be doing a bit of gaming. However, he rarely has time for gaming recently.