Category: Mac

Sammy is a music teacher and composer, so he spends a lot of time at his work desk setup. He is mostly teaching online and host a website where he creates video tutorials and course for learning ukelele, piano, and guitar.
Ryan is a photographer who mainly shoots rowing and other sporting events. His vintage-inspired workspace is mainly for editing photos and casual gaming. Ryan did a great job setting up his vintage-inspired workspace for his work and gaming desk setup. His improvised desk and PC case, and his…
Melissa's minimal work desk setup is mainly for doing code and graphic design.
Faris' work desk setup is mainly for video editing, watching movies, browsing the internet and playing console games. Faris' goal for his desk setup is to have a clean and minimal setup with his Mac Mini 2018 and PS4.
Pliind's clean gaming desk setup is mainly for gaming, and at the same time accommodate his girlfriend whenever his girlfriend needs to work from home. Pliind's goal for his desk setup is to keep everything clean and have their purpose. Pliind recently switched from his laptop + eGPU setup, because…
Nattapat's desk setup is mainly used for work and study. His goal is to have a desk setup where he can be productive and at the same making it aesthetically pleasing to look at.