Category: Laptop

Redditor FedPa's minimal desk setup is mainly for study, playing video games and productivity. With cable management and wireless accessories, it made FedPa's desk setup looked very clean.
Jezen is a software developer. Most of the time, he is doing work in his minimal work desk setup. Jezen wanted to have a desk setup that is clean minimal and with plenty of natural light.
Toby's office is mostly for coding and content creation. It's more of productive space, that's why he tried to go for a minimal look and practical. When he has free time, he would be doing a bit of gaming. However, he rarely has time for gaming recently.
Redditor E1miran works from home, so he was presented with the challenge of combining his personal workstation and his business workstation in the same space ergonomically. His business equipment, a Lenovo Thinkpad and dual monitor setup, were provided by his employer. They sit on a motorized…
Melissa's minimal work desk setup is mainly for doing code and graphic design.
Pliind's clean gaming desk setup is mainly for gaming, and at the same time accommodate his girlfriend whenever his girlfriend needs to work from home. Pliind's goal for his desk setup is to keep everything clean and have their purpose. Pliind recently switched from his laptop + eGPU setup, because…