Clean and Spacious Gaming Desk Setup By Optik Kratos

Optik Kratos' gaming desk setup is mainly used to escape and relax after work and at the weekends. Optik Kratos plays FPS games most of the time, except for Battle Royale games, because he is a true Rambo style player and playing one life per game scares him.

Optik Kratos has a small bedroom of 5 x 2.5 meters and he has an angled roof on one side, so his wall is the only space for a desk. Previously he had everything set up on his gaming desk because he only had a gaming pc and monitor. However, after purchasing of PS4 Pro and Benq 28' 4K monitor, his gaming desk was already too small. So what he did is to mount all his monitors to the wall on top of each other keeping his gaming desk setup aesthetically pleasing and spacious.

Overall Optik Kratos' gaming desk setup looks great. He did a great job mounting his dual monitor on the wall, which made his gaming desk set up a lot more spacious. He also did a great job with his cable management, which made his gaming setup a lot cleaner.

Items On Desk

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