Gaming and Multitasking Desk Setup By S_B_C_R

Redditor S_B_C_R's desk setup is mainly for gaming and general multitasking. He usually has a screen set up for whatever he is playing, a screen for YouTube, Twitch, Netflix, and a screen for social media or messaging. Sometimes he needs to get done office or school work.

S_B_C_R's main goal for his des setup was originally for work. He was starting a new job that had him working from home and gave a decent budget to get his home office started. He used the budget to build a PC, a desk, and a chair. It was a decent start for him, and it helped him shape his interest in having a nice desk setup. It was about 3 years ago when he changed his job and changed his desk setup almost entirely. He thought the only pieces left are two of the monitors and his chair. Now that he is working in an office, rather than from home, his main goal has shifted more toward gaming and general use.

For S_B_C_R, the most challenging part of achieving his desk setup goal is his space. He always lived downtown in his city in an apartment with his girlfriend, so he doesn't really have that much space for his desk setup. Recently, they moved a little bit out of the city and more than doubled their living space, so he finally has a room of his own for an office/gaming room.

S_B_C_R's advice for anyone wanting to take something away from his desk setup would be to get a drill and be ready to put some holes in the wall. He didn't think his desk setup would be possible or look quite as clean without mounting the monitors to the wall. 
It would also give you a lot of freedom with rearranging the monitors. He has done a triple wide monitor setup, one main monitor setup with a double stack on the side, and a one main monitor setup with two monitor portraits and his current desk setup. The only other piece of advice from S_B_C_R would be is to take your time. Don't feel like you have to get it all done at once. He started off with just two monitors and a basic desk but continuously added more pieces as he can afford until it came more in line with his vision for it.

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