Gaming Desk Setup By Shucioh

Shucioh plays VR games, mostly simulators. He also plays Elite Dangerous, Project Cards, Skyrim VR, Pavlov, Onward, Surv1v3, Dirt Rally, and Payday.

Shucioh needed a lot of peripherals for all the games he is playing, such as wheel and pedals, HOTAS, gamepads, button panels. The hardest part for him was making sure all his peripherals were set up altogether and ready-to-use anytime while keeping it aesthetic.

Shucioh is currently very happy with his gaming room setup. Shucioh playing more than 5000 hours of Elite Dangerous VR confirms how comfortable his gaming desk setup is. Behind all the peripherals, he only used on IKEA piece of furniture, but have added tables because he needed to.

Shucioh did a great job setting up his peripherals; everything is within reach and didn't end up looking messy. Shucioh's gaming desk setup is probably one of the unique and epic desk setups we've seen so far.

Items On Desk

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