Minimal Marvel Desk Setup By Toby

Toby's office is mostly for coding and content creation. It's more of productive space, that's why he tried to go for a minimal look and practical. When he has free time, he would be doing a bit of gaming. However, he rarely has time for gaming recently.

Toby's biggest issue with his desk setup is that it has no character. It was just a simple desk with nothing on the walls. He said he is rubbish at DIY, so he was terrified of messing it up and having wonky pictures. Eventually, he managed to get a good balance between the number of pictures while maintaining the overall minimal look of his desk setup.

Toby's advice to everyone, when getting your setup right, is don't rush it. It's taken him two years to get to his current point where he feels happy. He moved from several different desks, positions in the room, different color walls, and layouts of his desk. Toby said that you learn what works from a practical point of view and what just looks good over time. While it is great to have almost nothing else on your desk, but if it cost you to constantly get your stuff out of your drawers and put it away, then it's not practical and will just become annoying to you.

Items On Desk

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