Minimal Work Desk Setup For Productivity By Melissa

Melissa's minimal work desk setup is mainly for doing code and graphic design.

Melissa's second monitor is essential for her productivity. When she is coding, one screen is for code, and the other one is for demo or documentation. When she is working on graphic design projects, having a second monitor is essential for her so she can have a reference material always in view. When she's taking notes for an online-class or trying out a coding tutorial along with a video in full-screen, she uses the other screen to type in notes at the same time.  Occasionally, she leaves her calendar on one screen to keep her on-track for deadlines or open up a video to passively watch while doing low-focus work.

Most of her nowadays are digital, so she doesn't need to keep anything else on her work desk. She has replaced nearly all her paper usage by having an iPad Pro instead. She avoids desk clutter with her charging station, which allows her to charge devices in short bursts when necessary, rather than burning through the batter by overcharging overnight. She also added plants as for her work desk setup's finishing touch.

Melissa's work desk setup is minimal and clean which greatly optimizes productivity, especially with her second monitor. The addition of green plants overall made her work desk setup looks great.

Items On Desk

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