A Music Teacher's Modest Work Desk Setup By Sammy

Sammy is a music teacher and composer, so he spends a lot of time at his work desk setup. He is mostly teaching online and host a website where he creates video tutorials and course for learning ukelele, piano, and guitar.

Sammy travels around the city, Copenhagen, and Denmark, to teach students and classes, so he likes to treat his desk as a beautiful and comfortable hub. He needs his main components to be portable and extractable at any time. Sammy and his wife lead a quite a minimalistic life, so the idea of having a laptop and desktop bothers him. His Nintendo Switch also fits fantastically into his work desk set up, as it is a portable machine and the monitor on the desk is the only screen in his apartment.

Sammy's laptop stays docked in clamshell mode, so it acts like a desktop whilst he is at his work desk setup and can be easily unplugged and taken away whenever he needs it on the go. His iPad Pro 129 acts as a fantastic device for reading music and teaching form, but also doubles as an extra monitor using Duet. He is also a big video game nerd but doesn't have an amazing amount of spare time to game, so the Nintendo Switch is the perfect addition to his work and gaming desk setup goal.

Apart from acting as a hub to a portable setup, Sammy wanted the desk to have everything plugged in at once for a simpler time, as teaching online requires quite a lot of peripherals, especially with instruments. He had difficulties to the current MacBook Pros, USB C only ports as he had to embrace dongle life without making the desk setup look too messy.

Sammy searched for USB hubs and USB C monitors with hubs built-in, but it would cost too much money or didn't provide enough ports. He ended up finding a fantastic 1080p monitor with a 4 port USB A hub built in for an affordable price. He also picked up a cheap Lenovo USB C hub for the rest of his devices. The actual desk itself, as Sammy said, is an IKEA job, he lives in Scandinavia and should be embracing the aesthetic.

Overall, Sammy's work desk setup is minimal, clean, and functional. He did a great job setting up his laptop, iPad, and other important desk items to be easily grab-on-the-go. He also did a great in making his work desk setup to be aesthetically pleasing.

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