Simple Home Workstation By Joad Hughes

Joad works as a freelance 3D artist. He wanted a clean workspace where he can work and write notes. He also plays video games on his PC and PS4, so having controllers plugged in and ready to go was important for him.

The most challenging for Joad was cable management because he had a lot of power cables, USB, and ethernet. He didn't want to see cables running along the floor or coming down from his monitor or PC. 

Joad used the IKEA cable management rack to help him tuck things under the wooden top while keeping it easily accessible. For some of the cables, he had no choice but to run them o the floor dues to their length, so he tucked them under the baseboard and carpet instead.

Joad's advice to everyone is to make sure you have long cables that can run up and around anywhere to stay hidden. USB extensions are great for this, and he uses a few of them for various things.

Items On Desk

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