Streaming And Work Desk Setup By Julio

Julio desk setup is mainly for playing and streaming games, and work.

Julio's goal for his streaming and work desk setup was to make it compact and functional. He eventually settled on a Black/White/Grey theme. Since Julio and his girlfriend live in a 399 sq ft tiny home, he had to be very creative. He went for a small and powerful PC build, a custom desk made with very specific dimensions, and a placement of everything important to prevent his desk from looking cluttered.

The most challenging part for Julio was to consider every measurement because of the small space he had. He had to be very deliberate with where things are going. Cable management was also a challenge for him, due to not having a large space to hide the wires.

So what Julio did was to measure everything before he bought the items he needed for his desk setup. He bought specific cable management racks to route everything neatly. He spent hours of planning and doing everything. He went through a lot of iterations of his desk setup before he was finally happy and satisfied.

As Julio's advice, you probably won't get it right the first time, so keep on trying. When working with a small space, planning is key. If you have the budget, take your time and buy quality items. Keep function in mind when thinking about design. If it looks pretty but is a pain to use, you aren't getting the most out of your desk setup.

Items On Desk

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