Work And Play Desk Setup By E1miran

Redditor E1miran works from home, so he was presented with the challenge of combining his personal workstation and his business workstation in the same space ergonomically. His business equipment, a Lenovo Thinkpad and dual monitor setup, were provided by his employer. They sit on a motorized standing desk which allows him to change position throughout the day.

E1miran's personal desk setup, with a 2017 MacBook Pro at its core, is also configured as a digital audio and video production workstation. By integrating two desks into one, it became almost like a seamless desktop. He is able to easily move between workstations when they are both at the same height.

E1miran's said that It has been a pleasant balance of work and play in one space, although it does require him effort and restraint to stay focused on work during business hours.

E1miran's looks clean and organized. He did a great job way he set up his two different workstations into one place.

Items On Desk

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